Guess, whose money mountain is this?

July 28, 2007

มาเดากันดูว่าเงินมากมายเป็นกองภูเขานี้เป็นของใคร ?

Guess whose money mountain is this?

You can only take a wild guess. The picture has been widely forwarded through emails, if you have not received it already.
The mountain compiles of stacks of Bt100 banknotes, US dollar and euro banknotes.
Even AMLO, which seizes people’s money for a living, doesn’t store money in its custody like this.

Do you have any idea whose money is this? We welcome any tip or input.

Um… just an idea from a story in the past… a person who was powerful in our country said he loved to keep a lot of cash in his house, in a whole room especially for this, as he loved the feeling of having cash handy to spend.
Then, who would have the same idea as this once powerful person? Can you figure out?

The appearance of Thai banknotes suggests this room might belong to a Thai, or someone with Thai connections. Whether the location is in Thailand is another matter.

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