Thaksin denies plans to return to politics but urges rejection of constitution. Sound confusing?

August 1, 2007

พูดอย่างทำอย่าง ทักษิณสับสนในตัวเอง ?


It look like Thaksin have said he don’t feel like to return to politics many times, again and again to news sources around the world. But in practice, he never stop involving in politics. He also traveled around the world and try to discredit the military and Thai court of justice on all interviews.

If you keep an eyes on politic news for last few days, you may found some interesting characteristic of Mr. Thaksin Shinawatra, which was spotted and have been analyze on This article, Thaksin’s new interview: Take it with a heavy grain of salt.

Thaksin denies plans to return to politics, the former telecommunications mogul insisted he had no desire to return to active politics, however “he said he remained abreast of relevant political developments as he battles to reclaim $1.9bn anti-graft investigators seized from his family last month”

The funds in dispute are the proceeds from the Shinawatra family’s $1.9bn tax-free sale last year of Shin Corp, their telecommunications empire, to Singapore’s Temasek Holdings, the largest ever corporate takeover in Thailand, which triggered mass protests that ultimately paved the way for the military intervention.

Then later in this interview, Mr. Thaksin urged Thai voters to reject a constitution that he saw as an act of “political revenge” against him. He said voters should aim for the restoration of the abolished 1997 constitution, which was intended to stabilise and clean up Thailand’s notoriously money-driven politics but was later blamed for failing to check Mr Thaksin’s power.

From Financial Times, Thai Talk

Is he trying to be democracy hero ? Or he just trying to prevent himself from being judge in many corruption charges ? You decide.


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