TV debate: Is charter vital or illegitimate?

August 4, 2007

ดีเบตรธน.50 ยกแรกฝ่ายหนุน-ฝ่ายค้านโต้กันเดือด

Proponents and opponents of the junta-sponsored draft constitution debated half a dozen issues on television yesterday.

Advocates chose to play the politics-of-fear card while detractors called on voters “to do what is right”.

The draft-backers invoked politics of fear at the end of the debate when two key drafters and one leading member of the junta-appointed Constitution Drafting Assembly were given an opportunity to summarise their points.

“This [draft] constitution is most vital for a concrete return of people’s power,” said Charan Phakdithanakul, vice chairman of the drafting committee. “The benefits of accepting this draft are its helping to end junta [rule] immediately. The Council for National Security will cease to exist.”

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And you can find fully translated version of this debate here:

Charan: New draft removes 1997 drawbacks

Nidhi: Reject the new draft, go back to 1997 charter

Chirmsak: I will vote Yes because its a better charter

Chaturon: New charter makes elected MPs powerless

Somkid: People have more power under new draft

Vorachet:: Judiciary branch too powerful under new draft

From The Nation , Thai Talk , Kom Chad Luek

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