สื่อผู้ดี! สาวไส้ “แม้ว” คดีฆ่าตัดตอน


Finally, some smart reporters from Britain dug up an important case in the past. I’m curious how many foreigners’ve known about it before Sundat mirror published this?

For many British readers, it was probably the first time they heard about the deaths of about 2,500 people in Southern Thailand related to Thaksin Shinawatra’s policies when he was in power.

Sunday Mirror’s headline was: “Man City Owner Death Link.” It went on to say that last week, while Thaksin signed off the purchase of four new multimillion-pound players by man City manager Sven Goran Eriksson, human rights groups in Thailand accused the 57-year-old ex-prime minister of Thailand of supporting mass executions and torture during a yearlong war on drugs he ordered in 2003.

The story, written by Kate Mansey and Andrew Drummond, included interviews with some relatives of the victims of the killings in the provinces.

The report quoted Dr Pradit Charoenthaitawee, a member of the Human Rights Commission, as saying: I will bring the charges myself privately if need be. We have strong evident in 400 or so cases. Many of these injudicial killings were carried out in daylight in front of witnesses and many had nothing to do with drugs. It was a massacre. many innocent people were on the blacklists. And nobody got a trial. It was policemen who carried out these killings…”

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From Sunday Mirror , Thai Talk , manager.co.th

ดีเบตรธน.50 ยกแรกฝ่ายหนุน-ฝ่ายค้านโต้กันเดือด

Proponents and opponents of the junta-sponsored draft constitution debated half a dozen issues on television yesterday.

Advocates chose to play the politics-of-fear card while detractors called on voters “to do what is right”.

The draft-backers invoked politics of fear at the end of the debate when two key drafters and one leading member of the junta-appointed Constitution Drafting Assembly were given an opportunity to summarise their points.

“This [draft] constitution is most vital for a concrete return of people’s power,” said Charan Phakdithanakul, vice chairman of the drafting committee. “The benefits of accepting this draft are its helping to end junta [rule] immediately. The Council for National Security will cease to exist.”

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And you can find fully translated version of this debate here:

Charan: New draft removes 1997 drawbacks

Nidhi: Reject the new draft, go back to 1997 charter

Chirmsak: I will vote Yes because its a better charter

Chaturon: New charter makes elected MPs powerless

Somkid: People have more power under new draft

Vorachet:: Judiciary branch too powerful under new draft

From The Nation , Thai Talk , Kom Chad Luek

พูดอย่างทำอย่าง ทักษิณสับสนในตัวเอง ?


It look like Thaksin have said he don’t feel like to return to politics many times, again and again to news sources around the world. But in practice, he never stop involving in politics. He also traveled around the world and try to discredit the military and Thai court of justice on all interviews.

If you keep an eyes on politic news for last few days, you may found some interesting characteristic of Mr. Thaksin Shinawatra, which was spotted and have been analyze on This article, Thaksin’s new interview: Take it with a heavy grain of salt.

Thaksin denies plans to return to politics, the former telecommunications mogul insisted he had no desire to return to active politics, however “he said he remained abreast of relevant political developments as he battles to reclaim $1.9bn anti-graft investigators seized from his family last month”

The funds in dispute are the proceeds from the Shinawatra family’s $1.9bn tax-free sale last year of Shin Corp, their telecommunications empire, to Singapore’s Temasek Holdings, the largest ever corporate takeover in Thailand, which triggered mass protests that ultimately paved the way for the military intervention.

Then later in this interview, Mr. Thaksin urged Thai voters to reject a constitution that he saw as an act of “political revenge” against him. He said voters should aim for the restoration of the abolished 1997 constitution, which was intended to stabilise and clean up Thailand’s notoriously money-driven politics but was later blamed for failing to check Mr Thaksin’s power.

From Financial Times, Thai Talk

Is he trying to be democracy hero ? Or he just trying to prevent himself from being judge in many corruption charges ? You decide.


ทรูทักษิณ.คอม จริงไม่จริงอย่างไร? มาอ่านบทวิเคราะห์ลึกๆกันดู


Legal fact? or just another propaganda ?

The first in-depth analysis of the TrueThaksin.com was blogged, and look like there’ll be many parts to come. The writer did his first analysis on this AEC : Part of the Perfect Plan . I’ve put a hilight of this article here :

The Thaksin version:
The investigation, threat, defamation and many other wrongful things had begun since that very day; September 30, 2006. However, up until now the AEC did not fine a single evidence to confirm the corruption by Dr. Thaksin Shinawatra or that Dr. Thaksin has any personal gain out of those 11 cases accused by the AEC. Never mind, though the investigation of those cases have not been finalized. Let’s freeze the assets first, then let them fight for justice and prove that they are innocent!

My version:
The evidence has been found, it has not been publicly revealed because it would prejudice the case. Thaksin knows this and is using the AEC’s professionalism as a weapon against them. When one case of UK authorities leaking details of possible account concealment by Thaksin was reported in the mainstream press, AEC secretary Kaeswawan was furious that the media were informed.

To use a crude analogy: imagine a police officer sees a drug dealer trying to throw away his drugs, would the officer be wrong to seize the drugs? The AEC had grounds to believe the cash stocks could be transferred away pending the announcement of charges, and ordered a freeze, no a seizure. It could be argued that Thaksin would have already transferred the money out but this is a straw man in the legal argument.

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เว็บทรูทักษิณ.คอม แต่ความจริงอยู่ตรงไหน ?

Truethaksin.com: But where's the truth?

This is what I found when I tried to find out what the “new” Thaksin website is all about. Perhaps, he is too busy promoting his new Chinese-language book. Perhaps, he is checking out how the picture with a huge pile of banknotes that is being circulated in cyberspace had leaked out for the whole world to see. Perhaps, he was fully occupied with his birthday celebrations that coincided with the detention of the nine core members of the pro-Thaksin group who spent the night at Samsen police station.

Perhaps, the”Truth Will Set You Free” motto that is all there is to the new webiste is aimed at reminding himself. If he comes home to fight all the court cases against him instead of hiding out in London, then he could produce the “truth” that will set him free. If he keep dodging the truth, then he will have to be on the run for the rest of his life. Hiding from the truth will keep him in shackles.

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